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Up close on a unitLipa Air Conditioning and Heating offers as many services as needed to keep both your air conditioning and heating units working to their optimum performance.

Duct cleaning is an often overlooked part of the system to keep the air quality as clean as possible. Our maintenance program will help keep the air environment as clean as possible to help minimize allergies and other airborne particles for clean living.

When outside, if you hear noise or whirring sounds coming from your unit, please call Lipa Air Conditioning as soon as possible. When the external condenser's life expires, your unit will not cool your home.

Some rooms get colder than others, which can be ductwork, fan problems, or other areas that need attention. Distribution of your heating and cooling should be even throughout the floor plan. Our diagnostics service will help determine how to improve the efficiency of your unit.

Proper maintenance will help prevent leaks from developing that can cut the life of your unit short. We work on all national brands to give you the most options when problems occur.

For service calls 24/7, please call 504-218-7620. We will assist you in spanish upon request.

Orlando Ramirez